Cylance® is revolutionizing cybersecurity with products and services that proactively prevent execution of advanced persistent threats and malware, enabling a level of security that far exceeds the effectiveness of current industry solutions. Cylance’s award-winning product, CylancePROTECT® stops what others don’t, without requiring a cloud connection or frequent updates, all while using a fraction of the system resources associated with antivirus and endpoint security software. Learn more at


Cylance Company Overview

Cylance is transforming the cybersecurity industry with proactive and preventive products and services. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and founded in July 2012 by a distinguished team of industry professionals and scientists, the company is redefining the enterprise endpoint standard of protection by preventing threats from ever executing.

CylancePROTECT: Next-Generation Antivirus

CylancePROTECT is a Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) product that redefines what antivirus (AV) can and should do for your organization by leveraging artificial intelligence to detect AND prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real time. In the face of constant innovation from attackers, AV vendors continue to focus on aging technologies that use signatures and post-attack behavior analysis to protect computers, but Cylance believes a new approach is required.

ThreatZero: Utilize Cylance Experts To Operationalize CylancePROTECT

When enterprises initially deploy CylancePROTECT, it is common to find active threats or evidence of previously unknown compromises, which quickly leads to the realization that traditional antivirus solutions have actually left these businesses vulnerable to numerous malware attacks. Cylance's ThreatZero Services expedite product deployment, mitigate risk immediately and ensure immediate ROI, bringing clients to a state of zero active threats.

Cylance Partners

Our mission is to secure every endpoint under the sun, and we're looking for channel partners to help us with that mission. Our products and services allow partners to generate highly valuable strategic solutions that provide lasting, recurring revenue streams. Through the Cylance® Channel Program, our partners get exclusive access to offer our award-winning products and services that protect endpoints BEFORE malware executes, and gain the support they need to succeed, including deal registration, sales resources and access to Cylance cybersecurity experts.